Not vat registered


Hi, I’m well under the VAT threshold, what do I do on the vat section, do I register as vat exempt? Also would Amazon put my payouts on reserve if I don’t fill it in?


ive just done it , u need to send a copy of your tax return to them and they will make you exempt i been waiting a week so far since i submitted document


Not had a tax return yet, I’m still in the 1st year of trading.


They will put your payouts on reserve either way! All new sellers (and some older ones) now have an Account Level Reserve. You need to allow about a month from each sale actually to receive the proceeds from it

And being “VAT exempt” only means you are not legally required to register for VAT. You still have to pay VAT on Amazon’s fees and any other business expenditure that is subject to VAT (ie practically everything)

If/when you register as “VAT exempt” with Amazon, the only effect is that they will then automatically create and upload receipts for any sales you make to business customers. Without that registration, you would have to create those compulsory receipts yourself


this is what they sent me

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

In order to be VAT exempted for UK marketplace you must meet the following criteria:

-U.K. based Seller
-Must be registered as a Sole Trader
-You are under the threshold of £85,000

Please be advised that in order to verify if you are VAT exempted, we require a Certificate of incorporation issued by local tax authority, or a copy of a previously filed tax return proving Sole trader status

didnt know what certificate of incorporation was so you could go that route


Certificate of incorporation is only relevant if you are a Limited company.

Have you supplied them with your UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number, OP?