Notice: Updated Amazon Supply Chain Standards


We’ve updated our Supply Chain Standards, which take effect on January 19, 2023. These standards are updated every three years as part of a regular review.

Our Supply Chain Standards apply to all selling partners and suppliers. Products sold in Amazon stores must comply with these standards and be produced in a way that respects human rights and the environment and protects the fundamental dignity of workers.

The updates include additional requirements, expectations, and clarifications, such as:

  • Additional requirements to protect workers from harmful recruitment and engagement practices, which include providing workers with clear, understandable documentation of the employment terms and conditions before the start of their employment
  • Further clarification that suppliers must have effective grievance mechanisms that workers can use to raise concerns without retaliation
  • Mandatory remediation if any cases of child labour are identified
  • Further clarification that suppliers must provide workers with a safe and healthy work environment that avoids harm to workers' health
  • The prohibition of land-grabbing and any illegal use of natural resources
  • Clearer specifications that suppliers must comply with applicable privacy and information security laws and regulations

To learn more, review the updated Amazon Supply Chain Standards.