Noticed Amazon are buying stock off us. Why?


I see there are a few threads on this.

We’ve noticed purely by chance that Amazon have been purchasing 3 particular lines of stock from us but they have not been listing against us on at least 1 of the listings.

Why would they purchase from us?

My business partner is annoyed that they are still charging fees and fulfilment costs. In some cases, it appears that the stock is being bought by a fulfilment centre.

In other cases, I wonder if, after fees, they can buy cheaper from us than from their supplier and if they have sold stock they haven’t got say for instance if their own inventory levels were wrong (which I cannot imagine for one minute) then surely we’re helping them out of a hole and being charged for doing it.

It’s not as if they should charge fees on sales to themselves.

It’s all very strange behaviour.

I thought perhaps they were buying to perhaps develop their own competitive product but I’m not clear why they would need to buy several products over a period of time to achieve this.


Why is your partner annoyed?
Amazon is buying at your full selling price, so what is the issue over you paying the normal fees?

No, you are making additional sales that you would not have if Amazon were not buying these goods from you.

You should be pleased to have a new customer, not carping about paying Amazon fees for buying stock for themselves…


Seller Central > Settings > FBA > FBA Product Barcode Preference > Allow Amazon to buy my products to sell globally:


Hi BarryM

I’ll check that out. I was unaware of that.

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well, it is a sales at the end of day, so why should they not charge you a fee in doing so? besides they are not used internally but sale to other market place. We have over 500 sales in the last 2 years of this nature; mostly on items which has very high cross-border fees or have high return but continue to sell well in UK.

At the end of the day, we not had a single return from those orders and we got full price of what we asked for. So we are happy.