Noto getting sales? is it because of invoice?


Hi, i am not getting sales on amazon. i am using the other same products selling on low prices. i would not upload an invoice. is it mandatory to upload invoice for increase sales on amazon.? kindly help. i am not getting sales if not then guide how to check account mistakes or problems


Uploading an invoice is only mandatory if the buyer is a business customer, or for any buyer who asks for one. Not uploading them in those circumstances doesn’t affect sales, though it is a metric that Amazon track but I’ve yet to see what the punishment for not doing so could be.

As to why you’re not getting sales, there are a huge number of factors at play. For example, are you on someone else’s listing where they have the buy box? Or if it’s your own listing, how easy is it for a potential buyer to find your product? Have you used good keywords, do you run ads, etc etc?

Is your stock actually live and viewable?


As Demel says, uploading invoices has absolutely no effect whatsoever on sales, and you cannot upload one anyway unless you have a sale.
Only mandatory for orders marked as Business Customer, or if buyer requests.