Only four weeks left to register your LUCID number to stay compliant with German EPR Packaging laws


If you send packaged goods to Germany or sell goods on in any form of packaging (product or shipping package), you need to provide your LUCID number for the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Packaging category by June 14.

Amazon will start blocking non-compliant listings on June 15, 2022, to comply with the EPR legal requirement that comes into effect on July 1, 2022.

If you’re already registered for EPR Packaging in Germany, submit your LUCID registration number on Seller Central.

If you’re not registered for EPR Packaging in Germany, learn more about Amazon’s free and paid solutions to help you meet your EPR compliance requirements.

We recommend that you register as soon as possible to ensure your listings aren’t blocked. It may take up to four weeks to register in addition to five working days for Amazon to validate your LUCID number.

To confirm your EPR obligations:

  1. Go to the EPR Reports page to download detailed information on sales of your products subject to EPR regulations, including packaging for Germany.
  2. Check the Verpackungsregister guide to determine if your packaging is also subject to system participation. You may be required to enter a contract with one or more packaging schemes (also referred to as “system participation contract”).

If you are subject to system participation, you must declare your packaging both to the schemes and to the German authority Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (ZSVR). In addition, you will need to pay fees to your respective schemes for the applicable reporting periods.


A lot of sellers are not going to know about this and will fall foul of it. If the VTR and returns policies are anything to go by. I think Amazon should do a LOT more to notify sellers of what will happen if they don’t comply.

Most users don’t use the forums and Amazon send out so many emails, it will be missed.


I have an Action Needed Banner about this but I do not sell in Germany and do not allow any FBA stock to be sold outside of the UK?


when one downloads the EPR Report is it for Germany or France?


100% agree.

Didn’t see any email about this and only found out about it yesterday while browsing the forums!

There’s definitely going to be alot of people who won’t have a clue what’s going on.


I think that will just be a general warning for everyone.
If you don’t have the Germany marketplace active, then I’d hope it means your account won’t be affected, but this is Amazon, so who knows?! Lol


I’ve managed to get Germany done, just need to sort France which seems a little harder.


I too got Germany done and submitted but the warning banner from Amazon is still there so has it been accepted ?!? France certainly looks harder but if I dig deep into Amazon’s France EPR info pages I see this statement: “If you are not a producer for any of your products, you can provide the default UIN (FR000000_00DIST) instead.” - - which is what I did.


So if you just resell other people items, and your only waste is packaging you can use that number?


Hi - Did it cost anything to activate EPR Germany?


Yep. And for the ones you do need a ID for - - which I also used for Germany.

They have a ‘under 10k units’ option for 80EU/year - once registered and paid, they will send you your UIN. There’s no double reporting like Lucid. That’s it, apart from supply marketplaces with your numbers.


I depends on how much waste you send. Germany do it by weight in 1kg amounts. e.g. 1kg plastic, 2kg cardboard, etc. I used
Depends on what you send, but my fee was less than 10EU.


I have registered with LUCID (no payment required) and entered the registration number on the necessary Amazon page. The banner is still showing as not registered. Is the first I hear that this has not been accepted by amazon when they switch off our Germany sales? :frowning:


I think it was about 9 euros


how long does it take for Amazon to register these numbers? on the EPR help page it only says 5 days, the UIN for France and Germany still are saying submitted. on the Amazon News Page it now says 4 weeks in addition to the 5 days?

Anyone got any ideas before i have to send staff home again?


9 euros seems cheap, thing is I never ship out of the U.K. I wonder if there is an opt out for U.K dispatch only?


It’s only for France and Germany at the moment. You don’t need to opt out, it just doesn’t apply to UK.



I am a little confused.

I am based in the uk and sell on and

I sell tube inserts, felt pads and other small furniture parts. We pick these in our warehouse in the UK and pack them in small cardboard boxes (10cmx8cmx6cm or larger ones 20cmx15cmx15cm depending on the order size, sometimes in clear poly bags and wrap them with corrugated carboard large letter size) and then put them in poly mailing bags, label them with the shipping address and send them to Germany & France.

Do I still need to apply for LUCID and do I need to pay for a yearly service for these to be disposed of in Germany or France (through

Thanks for your help and guidance in advance


I have also registered with Lucid,
but we currently dont send to Germany

can I still use the Lucid number for amazon, even though we haven selected a partner to work with in Germany? - But obviously if we did start sending to Germany again we would select a partner company and update the lucid back end.

I had a look at the data submission screens on Lucid and even to submit a 0 kg weight of cardboard you still need a partner company in germany?


Where did you come across this company please, as I don’t see it on list by Amazon?

Seems good price, but wondering how often they require reporting of packaging used? Amazon EPR guide advises that different companies have different reporting requirements, some monthly, quarterly and others just once a year, so ideally will want to go with a company that requires less reporting faff.