Only half of my items being received


I am fairly new and I was just hoping if you could advise if this is usual or not.
It is only the 3rd or 4th time that I have sent 2 boxes in one shipment and every other time both boxes have been received together with all the items showing as received within minutes of eachother.
I now have a case where both boxes were delivered 18/11, receiving email received 18/11 and items from one of the two boxes showing as received but the second boxes items are still not showing.
Is it normal for there to such a delay between the two packages being checked in or is this a bit out of the ordinary?


It’s not unusual at all.
Take a look at all the other threads asking the same questions.


As Neil said, this is not uncommon. If the items are not received you will have to go through the ‘reconcile’ process. You must, however, wait until the date on which that becomes an option.

Over the last year I have had 4 or 5 shipments that had problems like this. Sometimes the items appear in your inventory a week or longer after the shipment was checked-in. Sometimes you have to wait and reconcile. If the items are not found Amazon will generally reimburse you. It is a pain in the butt but just part of doing business with FBA…especially this busy time of year.


Thank you for the responses. Does sound as though it could be awkward! I just hope it does turn up and gets processed!
fingers crossed