Ooooh.....another EU marketplace is on the way!


4 August 2020

Amazon will expand to Sweden

We are pleased to announce that we have started the work to launch the Swedish store to delight local customers and give sellers the opportunity to expand their European business even further.

Seller Central Sweden will soon be available to you as a seventh country option in your EU seller account. With the same monthly Professional selling fees and referral fees, you can access all seven European Amazon stores.

In the coming weeks, we will notify you via email once Seller Central Sweden is available. Be sure to check in your Notification Preferences that your email address for important technical notifications and business updates is up to date.

Hmmm… curious to see how this one turns out (but I won’t consider selling there: learnt the hard lesson with NL!)

Maybe too early to ask, but: thoughts?


What was the hard lesson with NL? just curious :slight_smile:


I was promised all kinds of opportunities on Amazon Netherlands by Amazon back in January and end of last year…they never happened.


Never EVER trust selling on a marketplace in startup mode, Fabio (nice name, btw). All of their promises about very insightful market analysis, research and data for better selling opportunities to them (and us 3PS)? RUBBISH! I should have known better…

Does this satiate your curiosity?


Well in NL Amazon have Bol as their main competitor. It looks like there are multiple other marketplaces in Sweden - or at least other ecommerce sites that compete on some key categories


You’re right.

One of the most popular e-commerce sites in Sweden (and the rest of Scandinavia, for that matter) is CDON(dot)com. Can’t say anything customer-related (I’m not from that area; I don’t speak Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish, either), but their site seems well designed.

Looks like AMZ will be dealing with very good competitors…