Optional customisation - is FBA possible for non custom?


I sell greetings cards with optional customisation. A lot of people don’t choose to customise their cards. Is it possible to sell the non-customised cards through FBA while still being able to offer customisation fulfilled by me, using the same listing for the two options?


No, you can’t offer customisation on FBA.
If you wish, to do FBA, I suggest you create a new listing with the skus and make the 2 options as variations.


You cant have 2 listings with the same SKU


You can - but I think it will have to be on a separate listing altogether (so different EAN/GTIN)
Keep your current one as its setup for customisation
Then create a 2nd listing (will need a different SKU - many people use same SKU but with FBA added to the end). This will be a copy of first listing but with customisation option removed and using a different EAN/GTIN. Send stock into FBA under the 2nd listing.
It MAY be possible to set it up as a variation of the first listing - but usually variations are for differences in size and/or colour and it may get confusing


Thanks, that’s very helpful


I think the best solution is probably what @Simply_NikNaks1 mentioned. It’s pretty much exactly what I did last year when I tried FBA for the first time, and it definitely worked for me! I was already selling fully-customised products fulfilled by me, but then copied the item (which automatically created a different SKU) so I could send popular variations to FBA for them to send out.

Good luck!


Thanks, good to know that it’s been done successfully :slightly_smiling_face: