Order cancellation rate before shipment



I have checked on my account and have a cancel rate on fr from customers 3 cancelled from 6 orders, i know nothing about these and does not help my account, is there a way to to make sure this does not happen or i know about.



This was announced yesterday on Amazon France Seller Central.

22nd March 2020

As a global company, we are closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19. To help keep you informed of changes that may affect your business on Amazon, we have compiled important updates for COVID-19 here. We will update this page as new information becomes available. So come back regularly.

Temporary interruption of customer orders for less essential products

Following the expansion of COVID 19, the number of customers choosing to purchase online is constantly increasing. We must set up social distance rules within our distribution centers to guarantee the safety and protection of our employees. These factors lead us to concentrate our resources in order to prioritize important products. Consequently, we will no longer accept orders for products that are less essential for our customers. This decision applies to all Amazon and Fulfilled by Amazon products.

I would imagine these were orders from yesterday or already in the system before Amazon started blocking French listings (FBA as above and FBM) for non essential products.
Hopefully you should not get any more but there is no guarantee, everything is uncertain at the moment.


Hi Tracey

Thank you for the reply, but will this effect my account and selling ability in anyway as it is saying my account may be deactivated, and these were the orders.
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You say in your original post that you know nothing about these?
If that’s the case and Amazon themselves have cancelled the orders, they should not be held against you.
I would raise a case and get Amazon to look into this and to confirm that your metrics won’t be affected.


Hi Tracey

Live chat is not avalible, so would i send them a case message and if it is the fr account am i ok to send on the uk side.



Robert you can open a case with the Support Vendeur team here. Writing in English is fine.
Bonne chance :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @healthandbeautyprod1,

We understand due to ongoing crisis the orders were cancelled.

I would recommend to reach out the seller support team and notify them. So, that they can look into it and help you further.

If there was any instances where you had to cancel the orders requesting you to please submit a plan of action:

The plan of action should be of this format i.e.
-Root cause - Reason for the order cancellation
-Corrective steps - what reactive measures have you taken to ensure that such cancellations do not arise.
-Preventive steps- how will you ensure or what plan would you put so that these orders being cancelled are being taken care and avoided in the future.

Hope this answers your query.