Order cancelled and customer requested refund and then bought the same item 2 weeks later?


So… just looking at my FBA orders I can see that I sold an item 01/01/22 and the customer has since asked for a refund (its already been deducted off my sales) - not sure why. However my main concern is I have logged in today and see that the same customer has now bought the same item two days ago 14/01/21 and is showing payment complete - a bit concerned they are going to ask for a refund again.

Cannot see were I can send an email to Amazon asking them to check this out.

If anyone can let me know, that would be much appreciated.



Nothing you can do with it being fba

The customer will either send the item back and then what happens with it is determined by your fba settings

If its not returned, amazon may reimburse you after 45 days


Appreciate your email. Thank you.
aargh FBA!.. not had a problem with it before.


We had several similar instances for merchant fulfilled orders. The couple of of them placed three orders for the same product at different times and returned all three of them. Maybe they thought if we keep buying and returning the order it will have some sort of impact on the stats? Same when we used Amazon FBA a group of orders were placed in same area on London where are competitor resides. There was a high number of returns in one particular location. One order in particular was rather suspect he ordered 4 of these items pulled the stitching out and returned them to Amazon. Others where the wrong items were returned although the same product exchanged.


Sorry to hear that, I’ll keep my eye on it.
Sellers definitely seem to be at a disadvantage here especially if you have an opportunist customer pushing their luck and know Amazon always puts the customer first. Not great!


Possibly the they didn’t receive the first order and Amazon have refunded them. They have then reordered as they do want the item.

It does happen occasionally. A really frustrating part of FBA is that you don’t have visibility of why Amazon refund customers.


Thanks for your email.
Yes, that’s certainly a possibility - and yes not having access to the reason why refund requested - is frustrating!
I’ll see what transpires… hopefully all ok.

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