Order from Spain


Happy holidays to all.

I just received an order in Spain.
I am based in the UK and I want some advice regarding this order. The payment has been received full and am concerned if the buyer cancels the order whilst the item has already been shipped.

I would like to know the best procedure in sending the product, and how i can overcome buyers that will scam sellers across the globe. Is there a way It can be fulfilled and checked by Amazon? And in case of a return, and the item hasn’t been received by the seller, what should the seller do?

Many thanks


I’m assuming this was not an FBA order and was made on the UK site? If so, you can’t have Amazon do the delivery, nor can you buy your postage on Amazon. The ability for a buyer in Spain to scam you isn’t much different to a UK buyer.

If you don’t want international orders then you can disable them from your shipping template.


Was it an order on Amazon Spain or an order on .co.uk to Spain? If it was on Amazon.es then watch your shipping dates at Spain may not have the same bank holidays as the UK. It might be required to ship on what is a bank holiday here.


This was purchased through amazon.co.uk

My main concern is the return. If this happens and I don’t receive my item back, how will Amazon support me or is there any support?
Last thing I want is the customer insists a return whilst keeping the product


You’d best read up all sections of Seller university, there’s a wealth of guidance and policies there which explain Amazon’s rules for returns from international sales and return labels/local return addresses.


Hello @Authentic_Saver,

Here you can find more info about International Returns.