Order never arrived but Amazon mark it as 'customer damaged'


FBA order received back as:-

The item never arrived

but the warehouse has marked the disposition incorrectly as

Customer Damaged

after various AI replies I get the amswer from Amazon:-

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

We understand your concern regarding your order ID - 026-0150066-3469925.

The unit was not delivered to the buyer.

It was returned back to the fulfillment center.

Our internal team has examined the unit before placing it under the customer damaged disposition.

Breakdown of reconciled units :1
Customer damaged units : 1

Breakdown of not reimbursable units : 1
No refund on units : 1

They have now closed the case saying that their decision stands and I cannot reopen it. Obviously it cannot be customer damaged if the customer never received it but they refuse to accept it’s carrier damaged.

Unfortunately, this item is 32 Kg - 2 man lift and will cost £15 to return and unlikely to get a refund from the supplier. Any thoughts as this is £125 sale and unfair to be penalised for the carriers irresponsibility.