Order report showing no orders....customer VAT number required for invoice?


I have registered for the vat calculation service which will take effect in a few days. In the meantime I have had a business customer order that requires me to upload a VAT invoice within a day.

I followed the instructions to edit the columns on the order report settings (to show billing name, address, customer vat no etc) but when I produce a report say for the last day or two the result shows ‘no orders’ so there is no order report to download to obtain the require information.

As I understand it my invoice has to show the customers’ vat number…is that correct?


You are required to upload your VAT invoice. You do not need the customer VAT number to do so.

There are lots of free apps you can use to create invoices.


that’s what I thought but I read this (see screenshot) on the help page https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vat-invoicing-rules_en
which suggest customer VAT ID should be shown…or is that just EU orders perhaps?

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