Order status "Pending"


Hey erveryone

I have 5 orders on my new (and first) product, all of them are showing “Pending”, one of them have been showing that for 4 days.

What is going on?

I understand that Amazon needs to verify the payment but to have 5 different orders being verified seems odd?


Doesn’t seem odd to me. I always have a number in pending. Currently have 7 with the oldest at 8 days. They’ll clear one way or another.


My personal experience is that if they don’t clear within 3 days they disappear, not sure about anyone else?


Its really not uncommon we have just been sorting ours out this morning - we have 57 FBA pending now and the oldest been 5 days, I think once a couple of days has passed I always think it is something to do with payment method the customer has used but unsure for certain.


I have 4 pending. Three of them have been pending for over a week!


I agree with that…


I wouldn’t. Just today an item has been dispatched after being pending since the 23rd. Typically I’d say almost all orders pending for over 3 days go through - with the main exception being where Amazon has lost or damaged an item.

Maybe there’s a difference between FBA and MF though? I can see FBA orders being in pending for a while where a buyer has asked for all items to be delivered together for example.


I don’t do FBA (20 Characters)