Organic sales mystery


hello guys,

is there any major reason why my organic sales keep disappearing? i have a good sales history and i am amazons choice for my product but all my sales are coming through PPC. i can see it on my mobile phone app as normal but not on my PC…???



Have you added your Organic Licence details.

See the following link for seller requirements:


I may be wrong but I think the OP is referring to organic sales to mean sales not via PPC


Hi Theo’s Goods… We’re are experiencing the same problem… We’ve always had a 50 / 50 mix of PPC and organic sales, however, this week just gone starting at the top of the week and getting worse as the week has gone on our Organic sales have dropped around 80%… The products are well rated, some are Amazon’s Choice and the demand seems there but the sales have dropped right off… The only thing I can think of is other sellers are paying the silly cost per click for the adverts which is diverting sales away…


I think you are doing yourself out of sales. When using ppc and you are already in a good ranking position, when a customer searches for your item you get sponsored links showing first, when it is what people are looking for they click on the first link and buy it.

Maybe worth trying to remove ppc (or at least testing on a few products) and see if your organic listings get the same traction.


Since A10 release our organics sales have nose dived down 60%, ive cleaned up all listing text and checked over and over but nothing seems to change as yet, i also think tinkering with the listing content description, title and bullets pushes you back initially, thats what ive found before the A10 release anyway.

Maybe it will settle down over time as it did previously and the search will pickup more organic links eventually, i think because its been such am massive change across the whole website.

Ive resorted for the first time to trying PPC, we cant seem to get even a click through yet let alone sales off PPC, but its our first attempt at so will keep trying.

Testing our patience thats for sure.


It appears that the default page now id featured items(PPC) so unless people change the search setting manually this is all they see on the first page. Deciding against using PPC even on popular items isn’t going to do you any favours as you won’t be seen at all unless buyers trawl through other pages and you know how customers seem to only buy items from page 1


AMS is Amazons fastest growing revenue stream, you should get organic sales nontheless, but as Q4 approachs, a lot of above the fold placements are being taken by ads, banner or sponsored products and I can only see this increasing… maybe might be a reason, plus more products available, have a look at similar products, reviews, price points - are you still competitive?, these are always things to consider and keep an eye on…


Amazon simply wants to make as much money as possible, so I imagine if their algorithms show that customers are buying the first item they see which is a PPC item then that is perfect for Amazon. If as a result people can’t get sales and go out of business but the PPC items are still being sold then that doesn’t affect Amazon’s aim to make as much money as possible.

If PPC is being prioritised over naturally ranking products then Amazon’s share price will rocket won’t it… unless PPC sales do not affect organic sales ranking… because that would mean that the strategy of a paying a PPC of £20 for a £8 item would no longer be profitable for sellers as PPC sales generated in that way would not increase organic sales at all :confused: