Our first A-Z on dot com


We got our first A-Z today on dot com. After 2 years, so not too bad.

Buyer opened a return request as the item was received damaged (first out of 168 orders sent to USA). I replied to the return request saying that they did not need to return the item if it was damaged, I just needed a photo and would issue a refund on receipt of photo. A day later they opened A-Z saying I had not responded … sigh.

I won’t contest and don’t want to.

Lesson learned. Approve return requests then the a-z won’t bite you in the American ass.


It’s quite common. All couriers require proof of the damage in a way of a photograph so you can follow the claims process. By not providing the proof draws adverse conclusions to any claim for damage. In the UK the damage is usually recorded at the delivery office and Royal Mail repack the order with their bag with apology.

On personal note if I was asked to provide a photograph of the damage I would be more than happy to provide one. I would not go out my way to raise any A-Z claim because I was asked to provide one. As we all know A-Z claims damage seller metrics. These days everybody has mobile phones with cameras and emails so its no big issue to provide a photograph.

On other platforms when there is a dispute between the buyer and seller the buyer is required to provide supporting documentation or photographs in respect of their claim.