Our local DPD depot will not collect our SFP parcels


@Picture_Frames_UK_LT it sounds like you will end up sending all the awkward shape parcels with DPD if too big for Amazon Shipping. DPD like small parcels, as most hubs are automated they need to keep the mix between large and standard size parcels small. Our contract with DPD allows approx. 15% over size (more than 60cm but less than 1.2m). We just have to be careful with sizes and have re-designed several of our products to fit within the Amazon Shipping size guidelines.

If you struggle with DPD maybe try Yodel as they are an approved carrier and we use them for out of area or when the shipping site shows ‘misses expected delivery’.


Thanks for all this advice everyone.
I’ll work through all your ideas and see which will work best for us.

Many thanks.


I would be tempted to use DHL, no hassle no matter how large your items


A little pointless, when this is for SFP!
There are only three options for it. RM, DPD and Amazon.



I sell SFP and ship with DHL? they are Amazon shipping partners.
You just need to upload the tracking numbers to Amazon via the Amazon shipping page.
All my small items (prime) go via Amazon shipping


I really don’t think your following the rules if you are.
Take a look at:


SFP has only three options. RM, DPD or Amazon.
That’s it.


Hi, We keep getting drop in shipping on our SFP for areas where buy shipping from Amazon is not available. Mainly for BT+Jersey+Highland postcodes. We cant block these postcodes, and we have no option but to fulfil using our own DPD account. This is effecting our metrics weekly and is creating major issues.

We had issues with DPD, and spoke to our account manager, and got this sorted.


Hi Neil

Sorry these are for areas not covered by Amazon shipping, eg Channel Islands, IOM etc


what about booking DPD drop off via Parcel2Go ? in addition to the Parcel2Go tracking the label will have the actual DPD number on it so should comply with the DPD restriction on prime shipping


problem with drop in is you might have missed the collection time and with prime you have very little room for error.


what is the cut off time for prime? (I don’t do prime so not sure!) the same day pick up booking ends at mid-day so has been fine for our 2nd and next day delivery options before christmas


Prime cut off is 1Pm, so 1330 last order should appear. definitely you do not have time to run to drop off a package for next day delivery! with all others to pack and Amazon shipping coming round from 1430.

Prime order is very strict as to when it arrives, who is the approved courier as well as what service you have to buy. you get 1% margin per week, So stop suggesting you can do drop off, use other couriers, different service etc etc…


I was trying to be helpful based on the problems with OP had… I did not suggest non approved couriers as I am aware of that restriction. Telling other sells to NOT make suggestions in this manner is not exactly encouraging communication on the forum

On another note I checked my P2G account and you can also book in COLLECTIONS and for my postcode the cut off time for same day collection is 3pm so if DPD doesn’t play ball directly via a DPD account it might be worth trying to book a DPD depending on if that’s available for the OPs poster as I’d imagine they will be less likely to refuse collection to a parcelbroker who will have a much bigger account with them.


you have to be onboard using your own DPD account with Prime; and you get to pick how many days a week (i.e. Sat included or not) plus how many times they collect; just like Royal Mail.

All I am saying is if you do not know all the rules, then it is not helpful to give suggestion that is outside of the restriction. This is like saying I should drive a mini as it is economical and easy around town when I am 6"4 and wheelchair bound; my wheelchair cannot fit into the boot of the mini!

As to OP, I would go straight to your account manager at DPD and complain to the Prime manager as well. Mine DPD manager is ok and depot is not that far out (20 miles or so); so if I am really pushed, I can drop it off but that really is not the point. DPD is one of the most expensive and better courier; the price they charge include pickup, so they should come pick it up!

another suggestion to OP is depends on your volume and go full DPD, which will give you a better rate with them. Then you have daily pick up, regardless.


The only thing I didn’t know is the cut off time… I looked at offering Prime but for the items I send it just doesn’t make economical sense so am well aware of the approved carriers hence why I pointed out that you get the proper DPD tracking that you need via P2G from the actual label.

Your comparison also doesn’t make any sense in regards to my suggestion. I suggested to book an approved courier via other means (bearing in mind cut off times on the parcelbroker of course!) if the OP is having no luck whatsoever with their DPD account manager.


All Prime orders have to buy shipping via Amazon "buy shipping. So may I ask how are you going to “order” pickup from P2G using a DPD label generated from Amazon? If I buy a DPD label from DPD for a prime order, THAT will go against my matrix. I get 1% per week of margin.

when I buy shipping from “Amazon shipping”, sometimes I get Royal Mail track label as well, Those packages I hand over Amazon drivers and not into my Royal Mail bag. Amazon charge me for the label, not Royal Mail. My manifest for Royal Mail do not include that package.

If I use buy shipping from within the order and there is a choice of Royal Mail for the prime order; which I choose to use instead of Amazon shipping or DPD; then I am using my own Royal Mail account, which will be charged by Royal Mail AND it goes into my royal mail sacks. I will then need to generate a separate manifest from within Amazon, in addition to the normal manifest from C&D for Royal Mail.

I hope I have explain the process correctly and clearly now.


Well aware but the OP specifically said for items that they CAN’T purchase from amazon due to size and location!

For which last I checked you are permitted to use approved outside couriers other than amazon as you simply can’t buy them there.


OP is using DPD via Amazon but unable to get DPD to collect from my understanding. If that is not the case, then OP really need to kick DPD.


See this bit:

From my understanding they got approved for a direct DPD account which they are using for non amazon shipping parcels…

If it was booked via amazon shipping I’m sure amazon would kick The courier to not lose the status of being sold via amazon rather than the OP having to fight with DPD directly.


You need to alter the postcodes from which you accept PRIME 1-day and 2-day orders.

Preferred carriers - so for example we chose only DPD UK, which meant all orders from places like Northern Ireland are standard shipping, and then we can use any approved courier (there is a list, but includes, Hermes, DHL, Yodel, Parcelforce, Royal Mail, etc).

If you choose only Amazon Shipping, then that should mean all postcodes they do not cover you will be ok for

If due to size of parcel, then you should not be choosing PRIME as an option, or you need to have DPD, or Royal Mail set up to take those parcels. Sell those as non Prime and then you can ship using any courier

For DPD issues Number: 0121 336 4900 Option 2 - I’ve email addresses as well, but the Amazon Manager should have given you those if you passed everything to use DPD