Our local DPD depot will not collect our SFP parcels


On the VERY rare occasions that either Amazon or Royal Mail will not ship we use UPS or APC and Amazon have no issue with that as long as it less than 1% of the time.


I agree, i would just remove the items from Prime that are causing the shipping issue then problem solved


Hello, it is not incorrect because we have an invoice from Royal Mail, this is not paid to amazon. Royal Mail rates can be negotiated with Royal Mail because we have done it…


Hi all,
Thanks for all the advice - busy working through it all!
So helpful of everyone!!


DX will take larger parcels.


Then i guess you must be on a different system to us then, but i was referring to amazon shipping and not Amazon buy shipping as these are two different things


There is a real contract supply legal issue with the way Amazon have set this up.

The seller pays Amazon for the shipping label, if amazon supply you with this label and bill you for this service then they are then contracting out to DPD. The sellers contract is with Amazon to supply the shipping service, Amazon subcontract DPD to supply the service.

Therefore if you were to test it in court then you’d likely be able to hold Amazon liable for non collection, loss of prime and subsequent loss of earnings resulting from this.

Not in anyone’s interest to do this clearly but again it just goes to show me that Amazon are all to quick to ride roughshod over the actual law and then hand the responsibility of the consequences of their actions back on to sellers.

Same with systematic Chinese VAT evasion on the platform, although I conceded that I also hold HMRC jointly responsible for this, would be easy for them to ask for batch sales lists quarterly from Amazon and reconcile this against VAT returns for said VAT numbers.


I think the problem is when you click on buy shipping in seller central it gives the option of DPD but it is not clear that you have to already have had to set up an account with them as we purchased a DPD label this way about a year ago and they never collected, we contacted them and they said they had not received the order and didn`t know who we were yet Amazon had not taken any money from us. All very odd


Another data point:

One must BUY SHIPPING (this means buying it VIA Amazon API, not necessarily BUYING FROM Amazon ‘LTD’) for all SFP orders, without doubt.

Our Royal Mail contract is linked, and Amazon is really just linking the API’s as a middleman.
Royal Mail bill us.

DPD, we have no direct contract, instead Amazon act as an Agent (guessing) and allow us to use DPD under terms agreed at on-boarding stage. The payment for these labels is taken off disbursement.

Some have DPD accounts of their own and have those API’s linked similar to how Royal Mail works, and pay DPD directly.

There’s a lot of conflicting advice above and anyone considering using SFP should not rely on the forum (and particularly those opinions of non-SFP sellers) before entering into any Prime Program.


I can give you a few emails and get in touch with them
Looks like they dont want work at your depot and lazy staff


Contact dpd and might give you more emails to complain too

They need reporting peraonally


For Royal Mail I completely agree with you, the contract of supply is between the seller and Royal Mail.

For DPD I’m not aware that you can actually use your own DPD account. We have an account with DPD and we were not allowed to use this for SFP via DPD.

If you pay Amazon for the shipping label, and they then supply it to you then the contract is unambiguously with Amazon and not DPD. In the same way that if you buy shipping labels through namelesshippingbroker.co.uk then your contract is with them for delivery and not with parcelforce/dpd/dhl/any other carrier.

They either need to take responsibility for this and act to resolve the issues that exist on collection or set it up so that the contract and billing are directly with the seller.

It doesn’t take a huge leap to imagine that Amazon are charging out the DPD labels for prime for more than they are paying DPD for the service.


Again, the problem seems to be there are a number of different SFP Programs operating, we do not have and have never had an account with Royal Mail so we do in fact pay Amazon LTD directly who have obviously negotiated a bulk parcel deal with Royal Mail


Yes we would presume, like Wonderman_Tools, that the contract Amazon have with DPD means that DPD should provide the service and would not be able to pick and choose who they work with. And also that Amazon would take the responsibility to get it sorted out.
Having said that, since yesterday when this thread was started, we have spoken with someone from Amazon, so hopefully he will be able to help us/support us to sort this out with the local depot.


We used DPD for about 5 years then they dumped us with 3 weeks notice.

The reason they gave us was that their conveyor trays are 610x610mm in size and our average parcel was over that size. I suspect that this is why they don’t want your business.

We mainly sell framed artwork A1 size so although relatively flat, the longest dimension of our parcels is 890mm. So that was that.

Since then we get regular sales calls from DPD trying to get our business back.


It’s a shame Amazon don’t let us use our own carrier for SFP. We’ve been using DHL since DPD dumped us and they have been great.


It could be argued (not by me, but by Amazon!) that they are acting as an agent* for DPD with the Buy Shipping, not as a reseller. This would also explain the VAT being added, as if we were buying directly a zero-rated service we would not incur VAT. However, and Agent passing on charges of a zero-rated service must add VAT, regardless.

*Agent . One who agrees and is authorised to act on behalf of another, a principal, to legally bind an individual in particular business transactions with third parties pursuant to an agency relationship.


We use Amazon Shipping and RM via the BUY SHIPPING, since 2016, one of the earlier adopters.

We have had a RM contract for years and these special prices we have with RM are available to us via BUY SHIPPING alongside Amazon Shipping.

The Amazon RM prices that you are receiving I’d imagine aren’t as low as what you can get if you are doing volume with RM, but whatever works well for you.

If any of you didn’t already know, the STANDARD orders (I’m not talking about next day and 2day) don’t have to be bought with BUY SHIPPING, you can simply use any carrier and upload your tracking number to seller central for those. @DAE-1 will correct me here if I’m wrong, he knows his stuff on SFP!



Thank you, I only know some things! - the trouble is as soon as you know something, Amazon can change their minds.

You are correct though, at the moment orders that are NOT 1-day or 2-day, so it shows as Prime Standard shipping (SFP), do not have to use Buy Shipping. They still need to be on the Approved courier list though. If any Safe-T Claims though, they can be rejected as Buy Shipping was not used


When you use SFP with Royal Mail, you DO negotiate the rates with RM when you have your account linked to Amazon. You ALSO have the choice of using Amazon’s buy shipping rates with RM for SFP.
That is probably where the confusion is.


That may be true for you but not us, maybe because we were one of the original trialists of this programme in the u.k as we have been with SFP since day 1 and never had a RM account


I don’t think you actually read what I said.
You have a choice of using your own RM account or Amazon negotiated rates.
I started with SFP when it first started myself, but went straight to my own RM account. So you may not have been given a choice, but it is there. You have just not been told this.