(Outside UK) How to change info from private company to sole proprietor?


Hello everyone! While registering to Amazon I registered as a private company, since I own 100% of the company and I wasn’t aware of the difference between private company and sole proprietorship. I had no problem till I enrolled for VAT services on Amazon, where the system accepts all my documents except my Trade Registry extract, due to business type mismatch.

After communicating with seller supportand understanding the conflict, they told me that I don’t have to do anything and “they are working internally to change my company status and they will get back to me soon to provide me more information”

It has been 2 days already and this is the 3rd one. I really want to be on time for holiday season. Can somebody give me an average waiting time for issues like this to be resolved? Can I do something to speed up the process?

Thanks for your time


In a word, no. This process can take from days to months (literally). There have been many threads on this forum of a similar nature and I don’t recall ever seeing one where changes such as this took days. Sorry to be a bearer of ill news but this is unfortunately how things work here.



Damn, my day just got ruined…

As the plan of using VAT services on Amazon needs more time than I thought, I called the HMRC to see why they have not replied to my letter for VAT application for distance selling, as I sent them the documents needed 2 months ago. They can’t find my application and I have to resend it…

Not my lucky day I guess.
Thanks for your time anyway!