Oversized Items that aren't oversized


I’m sending 6 books to amazon that all fit into a 6 bottle wine box.

Amazon are asking me to split the order into 2 - and send to two separate depots as two of the items have been deemed oversize.

They aren’t. Is there any way around this - or do I have to send two separate (tiny!) boxes.


You need to check the sizes on the listings.
Two are obviously incorrect.
Get them changed and then send your stock in.
You could send in first, but it’s likely to be a much bigger hassle to get them changed and moved to the correct FBA centre.


We’ve had this in the past and Amazon refused to amend the dimensions until we sent the stock in and the goods were cubiscanned. As fas as I’m aware, there’s no other way round this.


I’ve had the same myself.
But in this case, they want to send them somewhere that’s not suitable at all.
Need to point out that they are books and obviously incorrect.
Persevere with support. Eventually you will get someone with some common sense.


This is quite a bonkers situation even by Amazon’s standards…

I can’t amend the sizes easily - and they are trying to charge me £14.00 in fees a £15.00 book.
So after I send them to the depot, and I pay Amazon for the postage - I will owe Amazon £2.00 for the pleasure of this transaction!

Oxfam can have a couple of books!


That’s the estimated fee based on the recorded size and weight. If you send them in and get them cubiscanned the fees will drop.


I didn’t know that! Thank you for that answer.