P&P prices shown on Amazon website for products , completely different from what we have set on our seller account ? Fraud?



Somebody, please help

All ou P&P prices shown on our Seller central are different from what is shown on the Amazon page, for example, £5 P&P in seller central is shown as £12.50 on Amazon? this is the same for the majority of our products. As a result no sales

Customer service not really up to it will pass to the expert who will contact you in 24-48hrs

I have just changed all passwords, we also use two step verification



can you give an ASIN a an example so we can have a look?


What is displayed on the Amazon website depends on your location.

If you are an international seller, you will see the shipping cost to your own country when being logged in as a buyer, while the Seller Central will show what you set for each marketplace’s local buyers.

To see how the BuyBox and prices display to UK buyers, insert an UK postcode for delivery.