P2G Returns


Sorry if this has been asked before - as usual, the search isn’t much help.

I have a small Handmade item a customer wants to return and then buy a different product. Item was sent via P2G/Evri. I’ve setup a pre-paid return on P2G and confirmed with the chat help that everything is ok.

However, as there was only ever an amazon email address associated with the original outwards postage, I’m not clear how the customer gets the P2G/Evri details they need. I’ve just received all the details to MY email address. No CC or BCC.

I attached the return label to an Amazon message in the Messages area to the customer. But after asking if they have everything they need - silence. It’s an elderly person, so don’t want to pester or confuse them.

I also don’t want to go on the chat again as they said it was all ok, so I’m asking here. This is my 1st return using P2G/Evri so I’m unsure of the process. Will they get everything directly, through Amazon or not at all?