Package investigation required say UPS, but how?



I sent an FBA parcel to Amazon as usual through UPS. They collected my parcel and according to the tracking reached the Preston Depot. Then it has stopped and not done anything, usually the parcel updates after a day or two when it has moved on but nothing.

I contacted UPS on social media and they have advised that the parcel has missed its delivery date and to open a “Package Investigation” but UPS say “Please contact Amazon directly. Amazon prefers to handle shipment inquiries like this one directly with you.”

I at a loss what to do next, Shall I wait to see if the items get checked in without the tracking updating? or can I get Amazon to investigate, if so…how?


You haven’t said how long it has been, but it isn’t unusual for things to take a little longer than usual. Also, from previous posts UPS are very quick to say something has been lost when it is just awaiting Amazon to give them the okay.


The parcel hasn’t moved from Preston for about a week. The Amazon warehouse is the one at Coventry the parcel needs to be delivered too. Usually it just moved on a day or two later so this seems out of the ordinary or maybe I have just been lucky in the past…


I had this before when I got a parcel stuck for a while.

UPS on social media are very quick to declare a parcel lost. They don’t take into account that Amazon ask UPS to delay parcels.

They told me it was lost but it then got checked in a few days later.


Hello @Loopsandpluto,

Have you recevied any update in regards of that parcel?



Record for us was a smidge over three weeks before it moved. As others have said, it’s probably parked in a trailer somewhere awaiting a delivery slot.


Yes thank goodness. The parcel moved to checked in and the stock is available for sale…still shows as just picked up on the tracking but at least its delivered!