Packaging Tape - What's it Called


I want to buy some packaging tape but I don’t know what it’s called! It’s a brown paper about 3 inches wide with string running through it and it’s incredibly strong.

What is it and where do I get it cheap?


those are security tapes… like Amazon used - X-weave


It’s called Reinforced Paper Tape and Kilby packaging does it


Blimey I’ve just seen the price! :open_mouth:


if the package worth over £500… we had a high value light weight package done a vanish act. The box in tack… turned out as it was a bold in bottom (i.e. not flap); they got it out from there as it was not taped… but using those tape all way round would have worked as well.


That’s the stuff, thank you!


Thank you, I might need to wait until I’ve made my millions before investing in this :slight_smile:.


you don’t have to… it is just part of the cost… if what you send out is high value; then it is worth invest in.

out of interest, why are you looking for this type of tape? there might be other alternative to achieve what you want to do.


Just laziness I think. We currently tape our boxes 4 times - along the middle, both sides, then along the middle again on both top and bottom. This would replace that so be quicker and perhaps a similar cost.


can’t you do a once a whole way round the middle, very tight??

we found the paper gum tape ok as once it is down, you cannot undo it. The only problem is you need to have a stand that got water tray and long tapes are a pin to work with as there is no tape guy for it! So if your parcels are relatively small, you might want to look at that.


Long tapes are a pain to work with as there is no tape gun

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It’s gummed tape but reinforced version.

You need a special dispenser as it’s water activated. I’ve just invested in 2 manual pull ones from Kite. Worth the investment.

Now looking to do custom rolls, I wonder if it will help cut down on lost parcels if it’s easily identifiable with our own branded tape/mailer bags.

People who do this… Does it help couriers “locate” parcels?



No, but it helps thieves identify high value ones, we’ve stopped using it.


you do know you can edit your own posts ?


Only for about 10 minutes after you’ve written them. After that, no way other than deleting completely


Tahnks guys. Where do I find packaging advice in the seller acount? does it have to be all paper packaging?


Only on Amazon :disappointed:


You need to package your items, whatever they are, to withstand the possibility of damage in transit.

I am not sure if Amazon give any advice, but if you have questions just go to the search box at the top right of your seller homepage or help and type packaging advice in the search box.


Thank you your reply which is very helpful.