Pallet delivery received by Amz but all units in RESERVED status for weeks


Hi there, hope someone can help here!
We have sent in about 1500 units on a LTL delivery to XBH7 on Dec 19th and all units got received and scanned in quickly. We have been waiting for the inventory (or at least parts of it) to go live and move to AVAILABLE status but nothing has changed since then.

It’s been weeks, there were no problems with the shipment (apart from 6 units missing which I am not too worried about) and I have contacted Seller Central multiple times about it but they have not been helpful. They only point out the fact that 55 units are in FC Transfer status and 70 odd have been sidelined at the FC to check dimensions or other. But no mention of why the other 1300 something units are still in reserved status.

I get that all FCs are mega busy around Christmas and that there are extended receiving/waiting times but given the fact that our shipment has been received in full and closed by now with no issues makes me wonder if this is normal? Shouldn’t most of the units be available by now?

How to proceed if Seller Central just isn’t helping here? I am about to run out of stock and really need this inventory to go live. Also I have just received the storage fee report and clearly been charged for all the 1500 units that are just sat somewhere in the FC whilst not being active stock.



Try emailing, giving them brief but clear details of the issue. Make reference to any cases you have raised with SS.


Thanks for your suggestion, will try this if nothing else works!


Why wait? You’ve waited long enough.


Hello @FGS!

Can you provide me with the case ID you opened with Seller Support?



Hi, thanks for your response.

The case ID is 8289824242. Apparently this is still an ongoing investigation.

I am just wondering if it is normal for inventory to only become available weeks after it has been scanned in and the shipment has already been closed with no issues?
Are there currently extensive FC processing times?

Kind regards


Hello @FGS!

Unfortunately, I do not have tools to investigate what is the exact issue with your shipment. However, I have checked your case and I can assure you that it is prioritized and being worked on.

Please let me know once you hear back from them to confirm that your question has been answered.



Hello FGS!

Do you have any update on your shipment?



Yeah, the inventory is being slowly but steadily becoming available. seems like there was just a massive backlog over Christmas. Not exactly ideal but at least receiving process seems to be much quicker now