PAN EU and Brexit is looming


I decided that unless Amazon came up with a cost effective solution for shipping stock to EU, I would wind down PAN EU after the New Year. We can send a box of 36 items to a UK warehouse for £4. It would cost us £40 to send the same box to Germany.

It’s been a great few years on PAN EU but our products are heavy and low value (average price £8) to be cost effectively shipped to Germany/France/etc.

I’ve been getting a few phone calls and emails from Amazon about PAN EU. It’s almost as if they like me. :sweat_smile:

Anyway, in the phone call I got today… I told them I was going to stop PAN EU as it would be too expensive. The rep told me they were looking for a way for a partnered shipping program to the EU that would significantly reduce shipping costs for sellers like us. I live in hope! Has anyone else been getting these calls?

I don’t know why we haven’t stayed in the customs union. It’s far more beneficial to the EU than it is to us. They sell a shed load more goods to us than we do to them.


I must admit that ive been sitting under a stone and not looked into it at all until today when prompted by a call from Amazon. Im due to discuss it with them at length tomorrow as apparently they have an “External Brokerage Solution”…anyone know what this is? If I know Amazon then its an opportunity for them to extract more money from sellers and give zero s4its if we pull our business.

I sell projectors mainly so really have no idea how the changes will hit me. Is there a general guide to show me how things may change and if further costs involved?



I guess projectors sell for a bit more than our £8 mugs. Unless we stay in the customs union, I can’t see us staying in PAN EU either.