PAN EU - Ineligible (Food & Beverage)


Hi there,

We are currently selling in the EU - VAT registered in 8 countries and have a branch in the Netherlands. We ship products directly to Germany where they are fulfilled from. However, we have just gone to check the products because we have noticed some issues with traction as of late, and we have noticed that many of the products are ineligible because of a ‘food and beverage’ tag, and thus cannot cross borders using PAN EU despite us sending products directly to Germany.

The products are not food and drink - they are kitchenware items for the most part.

Any idea how these can be unblocked - the fees are crippling us and we cannot gain Prime shipping or Amazon Choice badges in the EU until this issue has been resolved?

Thanks in advance


The food and beverage tag has been mentioned a few times as an issue, so may be worth a forum search to see if there were any fixes.

Given your product category though, i wonder whether the bots are picking up either images of food or references to food on the listing?


Hi Demel,

Thanks for the heads up - I will take a look now and see what I can find.

And yes, there are certainly photos of our products being used with food and drink. We specialise mainly in kitchenware products. I would imagine that the issue will take some time to overcome as most things generally do with Amazon’s seller support but we will give it a go.

The items are selling well in Europe, but the extra charges for fulfilment are a little unsustainable and we are unable to get the benefits that PAN EU offers in those marketplaces until we can get this annoying attribute changed or updated.

Thanks again…


Some of your kitchenware lisitngs will also be blocked because of the new bladed policy restrictions.

Effective May 19, 2022 , bladed articles which require age verification under the new Offensive Weapons Act 2019 , including kitchen knives and chef’s knives, will no longer be permitted to list on through seller-fulfilled orders. For a full list of age-restricted bladed articles, go to Listing guidelines for bladed products .



Thanks for your reply. In our case, the reason stated by PAN EU enrolment is because it’s classified as ‘is a food and beverage’ item, which of course it is not. What is even more frustrating is that we have a parent listing with two child variations, which differ only by colour. One is eligible, the other is not.

The first reply from SS is that we cannot appeal PAN EU decisions on eligibility. However, the reason for the ineligibility is incorrect.

We will continue to go round in the inevitable circles.