PAN EU VAT Calculations


Can anyone point me in the direction of a good guide to understanding PAN EU VAT.
We are FBA and signed up to PAN EU this year. Half our European VAT numbers are in but we are stuggling (including my accountant) to make much sense of the Amazon reports and what levels of VAT should be charged… IE 1. customer orders from Germany but item is fulfilled from Poland.
Some reports seem to suggest no VAT has been charged but at the same time doesnt seem to give a reason (like a VAT number).


Are you using any VAT calculation service or just handling everything yourself with your accountant?

Personally, I would suggest you to consider opting for Amazon’s VAT Services as this will make things easier for you if you are having a difficulty understanding how PAN European VAT works:


Hi Kika,

Thank you as ever for taking the trouble to answer.
I have “Auto Invoice Creation” activated.
I have AVASK managing all my VAT returns.
I have seem this “VAT Invoicing” you mention, so I assume this is something different? If I activate it it won’t mess up either of the other 2 systems.


Since I don’t have any experience with Avask, I can’t compare it to Amazon’s VAT services, but if you look on their website which I already linked above, you will see what is included and what are the benefits.


OK I have checked and I have Amazon VAT calc services working for over a year.

I have spoken with AVASK and I think it’s just a problem because I was half way through setting up PAN EU last month there were some issues with having stock in countries that the VAT number had not been issued for.

However today I received my Spanish VAT number, the final one needed to complete the PAN-EU set. I feel like I have graduated university again!!!

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