Pan Euro FBA for Food Supplements


Hi All,

Can anyone confirm if they are able to use the full Pan Euro FBA service for food supplements?

Amazon are distributing some of my products (all food supplements) across the EU, but not all. I know this is to do with the food_beverage attribute but wondered if anyone was using it in the normal way without issue?

Many Thanks



Hello @mltdino,

Thank you for reaching out to Seller Forums!

I hope you will get a feedback from other sellers, but meanwhile I am sharing links to the Seller University, which refer to the food supplements selling requirements:

Requirements for selling Food Supplements in the EU and in the UK
Guidelines for food and beverages

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Hi Julia,

Thanks for your reply.

It’s the pan euro FBA product eligibility that I’m querying.

So that Amazon distributes the products across the EU.

For my products, all food supplements, some are pan euro FBA eligible and some are not and I don’t know why.


Hi @ mltdino,

Did you try to contact the Seller Support and ask for more insights?

Could you please share the ASIN, which is eligible and the one, which is not?

Thank you!