I’m trying to understand the Pan-Europe FBA and want to see whether or not it’s any good to me. I am a small-time seller and pretty new to the Amazon world.

I have my inventory in the UK and I have enabled EFN.

If I enable the Pan-Europe feature for GErmany only then i think I will have to ensure I have a VAT number in GErmany. Is this correct?

And if VAT is necessary, then if I subscribe to the Amazon VAT services, would Amazon just sort all my VAT documents for me? MEaning I woulnt need to submit paperworks etc to the GErman folks? And they’ll then send over some of my inventory to Germany.

Is it worth going ahead with Pan-Europe feature?


the first questions would be

Are you vat registered in UK
Are you vat registered in the EU countries you wish to store stock in
Are you registered for EPR ?
Do you have an importer of record and fiscal rep in Germany ?


NO to all questions.
However, i have applied for EPR.

If i enrol on to the Amazon VAT service, then will Amazon sort out all the above?


You’ll need to register for uk vat before German vat
However, have a search on the forums as you’ll see that Germany is the hardest country to get stock into
Many have gone for France instead to get stock in EU

Have you looked at the seller university pages on pan eu ?


If you’re not turning over enough to be uk vat registered is it really worth the extra cost and hassle of doing pan eu?


No, Amazon will manage the VAT registrations and filing in all but your home marketplace. If you are based in the UK then you will be required to register and manage that yourself.

Note this is only filings with regards to selling. It won’t include facilitating tax issues sending goods to the EU fulfilment centres - of which Germany is ranking as the most difficult.

Also, in technical point, to register for PAN-EU you must be registered for and store stock in at least TWO EU countries. Otherwise it is just EFN from within the EU.


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