Pan European FBA 5 countries


Joining pan European FBA is one able to stipulate which country one sells in
so if you in the UK, can you decide you only want your ASIN available for selling in DE, FR, IT, ES? and leave out UK
can any one assist in this question


Unless its changed I thought it was a requirement to VAT register in 7 countries as you have no control over where Amazon store your stock.


Just like russ says, your inventory will be stored in all 7 countries. There is no option to unselect a particular country.


Having studied this for a while, and spoken to a tax adviser, its not about registering in have to do every country where there is stock. hence if you have Pan European then you have to register in every country. circa a cost of Euro 5-6K per year! For us unless Pan European can limit where its placed, we are out…


If you want to sell (And store your stock), in any single country, Pan EU is not the way to go.
You need to register for VAT in country you are planning on sending your stock to, then send your stock.
Be aware that if you send to Germany, there are two other countries that you must also register for VAT as stock is stored in Poland and the Czech Republic (I think??).

Though if you are planning on selling in all of the countries, apart from the UK, you may as well register for VAT in all countries. Just disable your listing in the UK and you can then use Pan EU.


Yes, this is correct, here is the full list of countries where VAT registration will be necessary:

”When you enable Pan-European FBA, you agree to the Pan-European FBA Programme Policy and the Multi-Country Inventory (MCI) terms and conditions for storing inventory in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, and the Czech Republic


You may want to consider MCI. I was told with MCI, it’s like Pan-EU where Amazon distributes your inventory to different countries, however, with MCI you can pick the countries you want Amazon to store inventory in instead of the required 7 with Pan EU.