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Can anyone help me?
How can I cancel my subscription to pan-European, I no longer want to sell in Europe due to the new “rule” saying we have to have VAT and TAX which is going to cost us EUR2000.00 per year, so as advised by seller support Ive marked my inventory in the European marketplaces as not available, but I’m already payment higher delivery charges etc. on everything, and cannot get an sense from seller support, in fact cannot find anyone that speak fluent English and understands what I’m even asking!!! HELP


I have a feeling that you have misunderstood exactly what Pan EU is.
This is all to do with storing your stock in said countries.
If you do, it’s not a new rule that you must be VAT registered in ALL countries your stock is stored in.

I have strong suspicion though, you are talking about using FBA and sending via EFN instead.
This is perfectly valid and the limits are the general distance selling thresholds for each country.


If your goods are stored in a country other than the UK, you need to be registered for VAT in DE, FR, IT, ES, CK, PL.

To withdraw from Pan-European FBA you will need to withdraw all of your stock from those centres as a starting point. Create a removal order* for those items to come back to your premises.

*If you have stock in the UK as well, make sure your removal order specifies the location these are to come from. They will have to come to your premises before you send back out to the UK fulfilment centre, they can not be sent from one centre to another.


Hi Neil
You’re not wrong that I don’t understand, I really don’t understand it at all!
Have you received an email saying that you have to have a tax account in Germany by the end of October and if you don’t Amazon will close all of your accounts?


I think that pretty much everyone got that one. Badly worded for what it actually was.
However, you only need to do so, if your actually required to by law.
I wouldn’t worry to much about it.
If your not storing in other countries, then just worry about the distance selling thresholds.


If you are talking about the e-mail regarding submitting a German Tax certificate, here you can learn more:

In case that you are not required to have one, you can fill this exemption form:


Im not actively storing in other countries, as in Im only sending stock to the UK, but then Im getting told from Amazon that they are moving my stock around?? I have no idea why?
I got charged £5 shipping on an item the other day, when the shipping is normally £1.68, when I queried it they said they had to move the stock from Spain, I didn’t send the stock to Spain, have not asked for it to be moved to Spain or anything else, and with respect, when you try and speak to them they can’t bloody speak English and haven’t got a clue what your’e asking them!!!


You are almost certainly signed up for Pan European FBA, so you ship to FBA UK and Amazon place your goods in the locations closest to the customers to ensure they receive items within Prime guidelines.

Because the items are stored outside of the UK (and returns are processed in to European warehouses, you are liable for the VAT in each country.

Amazon have offers for this set-up. Our setup costs and first year tax return costs were covered by Amazon.


You can easily check if your actually setup for Pan EU.
Go to settings/fulfillment by Amazon and at the very top under “Cross border Settings”, it will say whether you are or not.

You shouldn’t be, unless you have actually changed this.
As to where your stock is, they seem to when stock is returned from an order in another country, it goes to the local FBA centre.
Something that you should keep an eye on as if they then go on to resell it, you need “Legally”, to be registered for VAT in that country.
They are not supposed to do this, but it does happen.
I’ve kicked up hell about it a few times now.


Thanks guys,
You have been a great help, I get so confused with all of this.
I have completed removal orders using the Daily Inventory History and removed all my stock from all over Europe it seems, which I was not aware of, Ive also closed down my accounts in and as I made very few sales and next to no money from any of them, however I do make quite good revenue from Germany so would ideally like to keep this one open, so what do I need to do from here please?

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