PanEU can't do as Spain Account Suspended



This is winding me up a bit now, I was selling in Europe at least 5 years ago, but pulled out, once I pulled out my spanish account got suspended overtime, can’t remember the reason why, well anyway it’s preventing me from doing PanEU, I have spend a good amount of money and effort getting of the starting blocks to get into PanEU or so I thought. I had got a france and Germany VAT number and have stock in France, I pay Local Rate fees for France and got my Germany VAT number few months later and got some sales in Germany only to notice I was not paying Pan EU fees, but the far higher fees, I messaged seller support only to notice you have to allow storage in France, Germany, Italy and Spain as minimum

Well anyway, I have spent over a month now working on trying to get it unsuspended, the only issue with the account is, I need to update and verify my information for the account, for some reason my passport had incorrect dates, so I updated these, I then decided to change my business address details, that took several days or so to get validated, that was validated on the UK and showed as validated on the Spanish account aswell, but my account was is still showing as suspended and still tells me I need to provide identity details, not asking me what I need, but all the information on the Spanish account is exactly the same as all my other accounts.

I tried to contact them, but I can’t as you can’t contact them via chat or message in the help section when your account is suspended, the only options it gives is for you to have someone contact you via phone, but seems to be in a spanish language which I don’t know how to speak or it just gives the option of reactivating it going through the validating your identity information, which is correct.

I have also sent a message to UK help section about account issues, explaining my issue, but I just got a automated type reply back which was nothing to do with my issue.


I don’t see how Spain is affecting it

According to the help pages, you don’t have to be active in all 4 to sell PAN EU

Pan-European FBA will only become active for a product after two conditions have been met:

  • You have created an active FBA offer in all of the Amazon European stores listed as required on Pan-European FBA inventory and enrol the ASIN in Pan-European FBA.
  • You have sent your products to an EU fulfilment centre and enabled inventory placement in at least two countries among Germany, France, Italy, Spain or Poland. Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden are currently not options for Pan-European FBA inventory placement.

Have you enrolled the ASINs in PAN EU ?

Have you allowed storage in Germany and has stock been transferred there ?

Fulfilment fees: You will only pay the local fulfilment fee for the fulfilment of a Pan-European FBA offer on any store corresponding to a Placement-Enabled Country. You will be charged the cross-border fulfilment Fee applicable to European Fulfilment Network for remote fulfilment of a customer’s order on any store corresponding to a country that you have not enabled for inventory placement.


It says above created an active FBA offer in ALL (meaning 4 countries) of the amazon european stores listed as REQUIRED, if it’s not done, I don’t meet the first condition

This is what is on my pan eu page:

" Almost there! You need 4 active offers to enrol in the programme.

List an offer against an existing ASIN in [,]
I have not done active listings in Italy or Spain yet, but have active in Germany and France reason it’s telling me I need to do offers for italy and spain for the PAN EU listing to become active, spain is my issue as it’s suspended.


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I want to check if you have any updates for us and if you need support from my end.

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Yes I have thankfully now had Spain un-suspended.

So all is now good.



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Thank you for the update.

Great news! :slight_smile:

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