Parcel wrongly Rejected by RoI customs - Is there a way to claim postage from them?


Sent out a Parcel on the 9th August using MP7 code, used IOSS IM4420001201, item bought from Our integration automatically supplies the electronic customs data and the label had the IOSS symbol.

Value of the order was around £16, and it had a CN22 on.

It was rejected for:


So, with that out of the way, what I’m asking is if anyone knows if there is any available recourse for reclaiming the postage from the RoI customs office?



Which country was that for?


Republic of Ireland (RoI). And OP has no chance of getting postage back from their Customs, especially as they claim the wrong form was used!


Even with facility to prove otherwise?

For a start, a CN23 isn’t correct. The parcel only weighs 350g, and is way too low value. A CN22 is correct, so what they’re asking for doesn’t even make sense.


Missed that one… abbreviations. :slight_smile: We use the CN22 sticker and have had no problems.


Yes I have just had back about 20 parcels for Ireland same issue everything is fully compliant

Either Irish customs or royalmail has messed this up somewhere

All other EU countries accepting fine


This is the first we’ve had returned to us by Irish customs, all our other parcels made it Ok. Struggling to remember if all the others since the change have been Large Letter, though. It could be a problem with only a certain code?

Were yours all sent with the same service code?


There have been many sellers reporting customs charges applied incorrectly and items being returned from Ireland due to non compliance including ourselves. We were not given any specific reason for why it could not be delivered only told on the phone by An Post that it was refused by Irish Customs. We used DHL not Royal Mail. Please see the topic under Global Selling:

“Customer paid tax through ioss but UPS and DPD still demanding payment”

Also the notice dated 19 August placed on the An Post website:


I believe that’s a different issue, specifically related to the IOSS number.


We registered EORI number starting with XI haven’t had any issues as yet. Also verified the commodity code and country of Orgin.


Yes, true but I referred to that topic as other sellers were having the same issue as you and I with parcels being returned from Ireland. For example to quote Online Motor Store:

"We have had around 80% of our Irish parcels returned by An Post which were dispatched in the past month. The tracking states they sit in Irish customs for two to three weeks then they will be returned to sender. Customer receives no correspondence from An Post regarding the parcel. Once received back by us the return label from An Post always states ‘Refused’.

We have pulled our Spain / Italy dispatches as the delivery service there has always been sub-standard, now more so chronic. We hope Ireland can pull its delivery service into line sooner rather than later."


I don’t like saying it this way, but the truth is that the majority of people who are having trouble due to IOSS issues with Royal Mail are having trouble because they themselves are doing something wrong and don’t know it. That’s why I mentioned the specifics of how I posted at the start, to show that I was using valid services in the correct way.


There are some people maybe but trust me the countries themselves have messed this up in some cases because all other Eu countries are fine

Also it is hit and miss not all have failed, for example my Ireland I’d say about 30% have been returned but others are being delivered fine and we use the exact same method for all shipments to EU so it is clearly a fault with RM or Mail in the destination country


My suggestion is why don’t Amazon incorporate the IOSS label in the buy shopping programme with Hermes and Royal Mail? Or is this something on the cards ?


Don’t think so. There are several threads on here about problems with French, Italian and especially German customs not coping (or not bothering to cope) with the new system


I’m on about my own experience


Spoke with RM about this yesterday - this is a ANPOST issue - they are rejecting a high volume of shipments despite full compliance - RM are trying to get a resolution with ANPOST - in my case it was an order less than £10 including postage which doesn’t require CN23 or electronic CN23 according to RM - it had both but was still rejected


We have had almost all of our IE parcels rejected by IE customs. Other countries have received OK.

Some of the rejected parcels have just been labelled with ‘refused’ and others the same as you, asking for CN23, which is incorrect as the parcel is low value and under 2kg.

No communication for customers. All sent RM INT tracked at £13+ per parcel.

Have now stopped MFN overseas altogether until something is resolved.


Back to the original point of the thread, does anyone know how to go about making a claim?


I have had all of the my ROI orders returned over the past month (was not an issue previously). So about 10 parcels. I have spent ages working out what the issue is and it finally became apparent that it is the HS code. I sell car wheel bolts and my HS code states that these are steel, well for some reason ROI do not allow ‘Articles and Iron and Steel’ into the country and my HS code feel under this restriction. It had never been an issue until the electronic data started to get sent. I presume the humans simply did not realise that the HS code on the CN22 was restricted, but the computer say ‘No’

So I suggest you check the restrictions list as it may be your products are on here and you will not be able to send them.

My returns have the same label, which is misleading as it sounds like the CN22 (or CN23 as the label states) electronic data is not being sent, this is what lead me down the wrong path for a few weeks.