Paying for clicks to other people's ASINS?


Can somebody clear this up for me?

I’m advertising my whole range of products (a few hundred).

After clicking through to the adgroup in question and then clickning the ‘search terms’ tab I noticed that about half the clicks I’m paying for are associated with products and ASINS that I do not even sell. Other people’s posters mostly but sometimes entirely different products like filofax or clothing.

Why would a click I have paid for go to somebody else’s listing??


Explained here…
This happens when your ad is displayed on another seller’s product’s pages. If the buyer clicks on your ad from that product page, no matter how they arrived at it, the keyword that is recorded and shown in red is the ASIN for that product.


Ah! Thank you! That makes sense but you’d think it would be better if they displayed that in a separate column so you could have both pieces of information (the ASIN they clicked to and the one they were on when they clicked)

Thanks for quick reply :slight_smile:

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