Payment By Debit Card


Recently I purchased an item using a Debit Card but the seller cancelled the order. I’ve just checked my bank and seen that the payment was taken immediately, before shipment was made. Is this normal? My understanding is payment isn’t taken until the order is shipped.

I’ve seen posts by sellers previously who said they had been contacted by a buyer who demanded a refund because they cancelled the order but claimed they had been charged.

Can anyone clarify this please.


I thought that Amazon took the payment upon order but didn’t apply the payment to the sellers funds until it was marked as shipped ?!


The seller only gets the money when they confirm shipping but I think the buyer probably has the money charged immediately - that’s why you sometimes have orders “Pending” when there’s a problem with the payment method. Normally, as a buyer, you wouldn’t see the payment on your bank account for a couple of working days but it will have been authorised immediately


When you place the order with Amazon, they put the payment on hold for up to 30 minutes, during which time you (the buyer) can cancel, after that initial (pending) period the money is taken by Amazon and held by them until the seller confirms dispatch, it’s then transferred to the sellers account balance, unless cancelled.

By the time the seller is notified of the sale, Amazon have already taken the funds, but sit on them until the seller confirms dispatched.

If the seller cancells your order, then Amazon will refund your payment, but the seller never sees it.


Many thanks for the replies. Most helpful.


In which case, if the seller cancels the order, Amazon should process the refund automatically?