Payment Failure


I am not able to run PPC after my account was reinstated (deactivated 13days), It just give me a message saying payment failure update payment method. I have tried switching between credit card and seller funds but neither are working despite funds being available. I have contacted SS 8 days ago but have still not had an answer I just get a message every couple of days saying that they are investigating the issue.

I don’t think there is a way around this and I will probably just need to wait but just thought I would ask in case anyone had experienced this and found a fix without SS help.


Hi you will likely have an issue in charge method and should check to see if cards showing accepted if not change it.

If you have a negative balance in your account you may need to wait to it updates and they charge your card


car is ok and account balance is good. I noticed that the NL marketplace does not show under Your services/sponsored products in account settings. It was also the first to be deactivated a day before the other market places when my account was suspended.