Pending orders in FBA


Does anyone else have very high pending orders currently?
I’m presuming that it’s just slow deliveries with the busy weekend just gone.

I normally have about 2-300 pending at any one time, but at the moment, there is over 700…
Admittedly sales are up, but there seems to be a backlog now going back to 6 days.
Just wondering if they are straining a bit under the load.


Yes the same here I have a lot more pending orders than I would expect. Yes my sales are up significantly between Friday and Monday this week but the number of orders being despatched appears to be low.

I have noticed on a couple of my products when I check them that Amazon are saying they are normally despatched within 5 days.

Assuming it is just the time of year and that they are very busy at the moment.


Yes - double what they usually are

Wonder what their late shipment defect rate is :joy:


Thought it would be just Amazon being slow. Glad it’s not just me though. :slight_smile:


I’m FBM but never seen so many just had my all time favourite drop off after 2 weeks (a personalised grave card item) just had another two drop in for over an hour sigh . . .