Phone number to contact seller central UK ASAP!



My account has been suspended for being 4% late with deliveries due to personal circumstances. I have requested a callback from amazon several times but as yet no call from them. I’ve also asked them to re-instate the account which they did for 2 hours and then suspended it again!

Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone have a contact number for Amazon Seller Central UK?

Many Thanks!


Yes I have sent them a plan of action

The reason deliveries breached metrics was due to a family emergency, I am sure other people have had this situation before

I am now trying to contact them to explain the situation as they have not re instated my account


Amazon perhaps harshly expect you to have a plan B for when emergencies happen. Did you put your account on holiday settings, for example?. Amazon see a bad ODR as affecting buyer confidence in their site.


Have you appealed with an action plan about how this won’t happen again?

There are a few sellers who have, as you did, breached metrics.


They will reinstate the account if they accept the action plan. If they don’t then they won’t.
No idea what explaining can be done - metrics breached, you have done action plan and submitted.

The seller support staff will not be the ones making the decision and the ones who are will not be people you can ring.


Try these numbers I got them from a Telegraph article when I was desperate to contact them. I cannot guarantee they will go to a UK operator but you will get to speak to somebody rather than having to email or be shunted around. 0800 496 1081 & 0870 744 9979


Amazon Seller Central is absolute rubbish. I have emailed them 3 times with no reply and spent over half an hour trying to find a contact number to speak with them. I eventually got hold of them and was put on hold for twenty minutes. They suspended my account because they said I needed to be a business seller. This was crap. I sell, on average, 3 books a month. I was told they would be contacting me in 24-48 hours. Guess what? I didn’t hear a thing from them. I have just phoned again this morning and have had to go through exactly the same rigmarole. I would ask for my books back but I have over 1,000 with them and they charge 60p a book! This is the biggest con going!


Perhaps because you were acting like a business?

And which FBA return fees did you agree to?


And OP stated that he has over 1,000 books with Amazon.


+They suspended my account because they said I needed to be a business seller. This was crap. I sell, on average, 3 books a month.+

Being a business seller doesn’t depend on amount of sales. Did you have books listed as new, or multiple copies of titles? Most private sellers wouldn’t use FBA.


You can contact SS by phone using Help on your home page :



Thanks for your post.

As this issue is related to account verification I would recommend that you contact them directly for assistance.
The verification team cannot be contacted by phone but you can write to them at the following e-mail address:




Calling yourself a ‘Bookstore’ probably doesn’t help your case if you want to remain a private seller.


I totally agree on this, the service level is almost zero when seller’s have an issue. I have recorded their replies, and it’s 24 hours after you contact them or reply. So one small issue usually takes 2 weeks to sort when it should take 2 minutes. They need to get a grip and sort this out, I am ready for chucking it in and concentrating on eBay.


Quite telling to say you’re replying to a thread from a year and a half ago.

It’s been like this a while now…


0843 504 7194


. 0800 496 1081 is no longer available and . 0870 744 9979 is a premium number, be prepared to spend a lot of money on that one, also the rep’s grasp of English can make the call last a lot longer.


Me too - My account has just been suspended because I sold too many items over Christmas period and have to register it as a sole proprietorship.
I had all the info ready but they just suspended me without any warning. They haven’t got back to me and now I’m missing out on the busiest weekend of the year. Reading other comments, it looks like it won’t be resolved quickly.


They have obviously sussed out that you are trading as a business and you need to be registered as such, not just with Amazon but HMRC too.


you must have registered as a business seller where Amazon charge a monthly fee. You need to downgrade to a personal seller and this will stop the charge.

Not sure if you will get back back any monies paid.

eBay will only charge you a fee when you sell.