Picking list


We are company using Amazon Seller Central and would like to know if there is any way we can print off a picking list for our orders. At the moment we print each packing slip individually and use these to pick our stock but would ideally like one list.
Can you help?
Thank you.


We download an order report each day and import it into Excel, then delete the extra information we don’t need so we’re left with order number, item title and quantity. This then gets printed off as a picking list. Hope this helps!


There will be software around that probably does what you want. You will need to check with companies offering amazon support.
Have a look at a site called Tamebay they have numerous companies advertising on their product services catalogue.


Can you not just print off the page ‘all orders in past day’ which offers a list of all unshipped orders with - order number - item title - sku etc for picking, then add the packing slips with the order?


You could always just go to Seller central, “orders” then select “order status” from the first dropdown menu and “unshipped” from the second hit search and all your unshipped orders will appear, print the page.

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