Please explain, what is INVOICE UPLOAD?


Hello everyone!
I have received my first order on AMAZON, I have already sent it via TNT and provided tracking number, but now I need to “UPLOAD INVOICE”. Can anyone explain for me, how I can make it and what is needed ?

Best Wishes!!


You need to upload an invoice for business customers within 24 hours of dispatch. For other orders it is optional.

If you’re VAT registered it’ll need to be a VAT invoice. If not, a standard invoice without VAT listed is all that’s needed.


Thank you! My client is not business customer. So I do not need to upload it ? In my country I have VAT registered company, is it makes any sense ? Will AMAZON takes it’s own VAT ?


If it’s not a business customer you don’t need to upload an invoice.

Amazon often invoices for services from Luxembourg using the reverse charge VAT method. Any sales to customers include any applicable VAT. The place of supply rules are quite complicated. Which country was the product dispatched to? Which country was the product dispatched from? Which country are you based in?