Please help! Verification issues


Hi! My account was frozen a few days again saying they needed me to update identity terms (which I have) it is now asking for a Letter of Authorisation- showing my business name and signed by legal owner (me?) I dont have this- I have no idea what it is!

I only sell to the UK but I noticed last night they have added Poland marketplace too- I think the letter may relate to this as they said needed for seeing to EU.
I didnt add the that marketplace?! I only want to sell to UK.
How could another marketplace be added to my accoutn with my say so? And how do I remove it?

I cant contact help properly as account is suspended- im so stressed by it all.

Have raised a case but no one has answered about the extra marketplace?


I am a long-time seller - over 14 years, and only ever UK, have never registered with any other marketplaces, and have just noticed that they have added .pl to mine too.

I asked on another thread and it seems you cannot remove it, but just have to be sure that the listings are not active ie. on holiday settings.
My gripe is why would they do this without consent ?


Add letterhead of the company


The undersigned add name of Company here (herein after, the “Company”), duly represented by add full name and function of the signatory here, confirms that add full name here is authorised to open a Selling on Amazon payment account with Amazon Payments, accept the User Agreement and other Policies, have access to the Selling on Amazon payment account and initiate transactions in the name and on behalf of the Company.

Dated this



Exactly! How can they just add it?
I’m concerned it now looks like i want to sell to the EU as all this stuff they are asking for is relating to the EU


Thank you!
Can I just do this myself?


Yes. The template i posted is taken from Amazon’s help pages.


Thank you so much for your help!!