Policy violation: Fair Pricing Abuse - Is this an error?


A few days ago I listed a product, typed the price in and after I got the error that there might be a pricing error and the price field was showing a different price a few thousand pounds £7000 I think, but that wasn’t the price that I’ve put.

Two days ago I got an email from Amazon that my account is at the risk of deactivation if I don’t reply within 72 hours of which I got 6 hours left as I only seen it this morning.

I have to mention that I haven’t put a ridiculous price in. It was £145.

I feel that if I appeal to the case I consider myself guilty but I think it’s just an error.

Contacted the seller support but they just said that I need to appeal.

Have you guys dealt with this?


For what exactly? toilet roll, disposable gloves, hand sanitiser, facemasks and if so, what was the quantity?


Ring Automotive Ring RTC6000 Cordless 4-in-1 Tyre Inflator with Air Pump, Quick Set Auto Stop, Large Digital Screen, Power Bank, LED Light, Valve Caps, Latex Gloves and Storage Case

Tyre inflator Air Pump quantity 1


The latex gloves in the title caused the problem. Stupid Bots… definitely appeal.
Good luck


Did it happen to you as well? I mean with a different product.



No, not my category, but that is what has happened.


It happened to us for a costume but we are cheaper than 99% of other sellers on this item. They removed it due to high price (£19 when other sellers are £23 or £25 etc) the price has always been that.

Amazon systems are absolute rubbish. The ONLY thing Amazon provide is traffic, nothing else at all. Except constant headaches.


Thank you for your reply. How did you manage to get out of this?

Were they saw the error or treated it like a genuine offence?

Did they deactivated your account?



Nope, Amazon seller support kept transfering the case, then nothing. I emailed all the various depts within Amazon, seller-performance, listing-info, etc etc, nothing.

The level of support from Amazon is not zero, it is less than zero. You end up wasting hours opening cases, replying to emails with nothing ever being done.

Account not deactivated but France keep removing items with teh word mask in them (clown mask, zombie mask etc) they are nuts!


Hello @Alex99

From your post, I understand that your Account is at risk of deactivation due to pricing issue.

I would like to inform you that Amazon takes all the Policy violations seriously and as a Seller, you are responsible of maintaining the account in line with Amazon policies.

As you mentioned you got an error while uploading the price and it wasn’t matching to amount you updated, I would now recommend you to correct the pricing immediately if not done already.

Additionally, please submit your appeal to Amazon explaining what lead to this issue along with what measures you have taken to resolve the concern. Also, you will have to mention what steps will you take to prevent this happening in future again.

Once you have thoroughly reviewed your account and concern please revert to Seller performance team with a Plan of action highlighting the below points:

  • Root Cause of the Policy violation

  • Steps taken to fix/resolve the Policy violation

  • Steps taken to prevent the similar Policy violations going forward.