Poor product reviews due to Amazon FBA shipping incorrect items


Quick question just to see if anyone else has encountered this…I have brand registry and launched a new product. For some absolutely unknown reason Amazon shipped out incorrect items on this listing and I received two bad reviews. Listing is still live but it’s basically ruined at this point and at risk of supression. I can see that they shipped the wrong items from the review photo.

Amazon stating that there is nothing they can do. Reviews cannot be removed. They don’t care that it was caused by them or that I am out of pocket after refunding the customers.

Just seems like yet another thing to have to accept and move on.


Did you label with fnsku labels or ask amazon to ?

You need to request a bin check to check the labelling


I labelled them but I can see from the review photo that Amazon have stuck a label over my label with a different MSKU number (another one of my products).

I have raised several cases asking for the reason they were re-labelled. No answer to that whatsoever.


Luckily it was only a test run of a product and now there is no inventory so I will probably just bin it off as another ridiculous Amazon experience and forget that particular listing


Just to give you the heads up too that rebranding things like oven pride as your own will more than likely land you with an ip violation for brand mismatch


Multiple brand bundle


The oven pride is on its own?!

Edit - you’ve added a liner
Did you get permission from the brands to bundle?


No I don’t sell Oven Pride on it’s own.


The listings in question are currently closed anyway, sold all inventory and will just put the ruined one down to experience


As you are rebranding food bundles as your own , make sure all allergies are noted on there (I see you sometimes substitute) and definitely make sure you’ve got good insurance in place



Anyway, the issue over Amazon incorrectly relabelling products seems to be something unresolvable


Yes you’re not alone. Happened with 100 of my units recently. They have barcodes hard designed into them so they never need to be changed, I shipped them along with another of my SKUs and for no reason at all, Amazon labelled 100 of SKU 1 as SKU 2 despite being completely different products.

I asked for a bin check, they located a lot of the relabelled products and even sent me pictures. Only a seriously dim person can think there was an issue and proceed to relabel them all. Like it is incredibly hard to mess that up, yet some tool managed to do it.

On top of this, Amazon claim I labelled them myself, then they claim there can’t possibly be an issue as the label matches the listing…yes the incorrectly label matches the wrong product listing… They won’t look at the label underneath (my correct one).

Anyway, tons of bad reviews flooding in and negative voice of the customer. Multiple resent items, refunds etc. Almost product suspension.

Amazon to this day refuse to acknowledge it or refund me a single penny.

Jobs worth’s.


Jees, at least I’m not alone then. Honestly they make me feel like I’m losing my mind. Doesn’t matter how detailed my explanation is to them (with photos, reference numbers and bullet pointed list outlining the issue in child steps) they just don’t acknowlege doing anything wrong. No solution offered either. I’ve given up now, just going to bin that listing and accept the negative marks in ‘voice of the customer’.

There’s no way to avoid this either as far as I can tell as it’s all down to some fool in the warehouse printing out incorrect and un-needed labels and plastering them all over mine.


I’ve had this too. Someone received a mousemat instead of a badge. Labelled items myself. Amazon adamant that it was my fault. I was told I needed to be more careful when packing items. I don’t even sell (or indeed own) mousemats.

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