Possible scam from Germany


I have today received a physical letter, posted and purporting to be from Amazon.de, asking me to pay by bank transfer the grand sum of 12.99 + 3,00 decline fee, due to my direct debit been unsuccessful.

I have no idea as what I am supposed to have failed to pay for. It gives a ref that makes no sense.

I am assuming this is a scam as my card on Amazon.de is all in order. Just wondering if others have received such a letter. It had my name and address correctly written on the envelope — even my middle initial, but did not address me by name in the letter.

Any thoughts welcome.


Please check your Amazon Germany Seller Central to see if there is any negative balance or performance notifications. If not, then the communication which you received is most likely a scam attempt.



I’ve already done as you suggest, hence my suspecting a scam.

Since posting I have spoken to an extremely efficient member of Amazon CS (Yes, they do exist) and he has investigated this and assured me this is a scam.

The scammers must be getting desperate to be sending out thousands of physical letters to try and scam us.


Then you can simply disregard it, important communications like this come with a performance notification in the Seller Central. Amazon isn’t known to send letters to sellers by post.


@Trout can you scan and post here a copy of the physical letter? edit out your personal data


I am assuming that there are bank details attached to that letter for you to transfer the requested sum to?
If so, then since this IS a scam would it not be wise to contact the fraud dept of the bank concerned and let them know of this situation?
You have realized that this is not genuine, but how many other people, whether Amazon sellers or otherwise, might fall for this?


have you ever bought anything on amazon.de as a customer?
it might be connected to that as opposed to your seller account activity?


Thanks to everyone who has responded to my OP>

I’ve been doing some digging over this matter. Thought I would add some details to what I said in my OP. I did not make it clear in OP, but t his concerns my buyer account; I am not a seller on Amazon.de, though I do buy books via it fairly regularly…

Digging in my trash folder, I found an email over the same matter that I must have immediately have suspected as scamming. But.in this one, the transaction in question was itemised, and it was indeed for a book I had purchased. Going into my Amazon/de buyer account and looking at the transaction, it does indeed say method pf payment opted for as direct debit.

I did not know Amazon accepted direct debit — and besides, the seller whom I purchased the book of wold not have sent me the book (Which I have now received) if he had not received payment? SO to see the last four digits of my bank account listed as the DD method is a mystery.

Does anyone have any idea how that could happen? All of my other orders on Amazon.de have the credit card I always use with as the means of payment. There are no other payment methods on file with them.

It’s all by and by. As I said before, CS says I owe nothing. It worries me because of what I have written above about the payment method given for this one order. Any ideas? A rogue employee?


According to my own experience, direct debit works on the principle that the payment is marked as received once the transaction is processed, however in case it fails to go through after 1-2 weeks, then it can cause problems.

If this is the case, then you will need to repay the owed balance. Verify it with your bank to see if you were charged for the book or not.


Yes, but I have never set up a DD payment with Amazon (any site). In fact, I did not even know they accepted DD. I have just made a test purchase on Amazon.de and could see is no option to pay by DD???


Apparently, you must have opted for this payment method at some point during checkout, otherwise the order wouldn’t be processed like this.


As someone mentioned , have you checked you bank/card account to see if you have made a payment for the book?
If not, there’s your answer, if you have paid, then advise the email sender of the payment method and date and demand they retract their request for money.


One suggestion. Check your list of direct debits using online banking. If you have somehow ever set one up with Amazon, it will show.


DD is not an option for purchasing through Amazon, so do not be fooled into repaying for this order outside of the Amazon payment system.
If indeed you find that you were never charged then simply call Amazon CS with the order number and request a card recharge. That is the way it works, not DD


I have already paid for my orders by Direct Debit on Amazon multiple times, everything depends on the marketplace where you originally registered, where you are placing the order and which device are you using.

Since the order clearly shows as paid by Direct Debit in your buyer account, there is no reason for any doubts and if you determine that the order wasn’t actually paid, you should follow the instructions received in the written communication from Amazon.