Post-Brexit MCF and IOSS - my brain hurts


SITUATION: My company is;

  • UK VAT registered
  • VAT Registered in DE/ ES/ FR/ IT/ PL/ CZ
  • I have inventory in Amazon UK and EU Fulfilment Centres for FBA
  • I use Amazon/ Avalara to file VAT across all EU markets
  • I have a UK based Shopify store

Example Scenario;

  • A German customer buys from my Shopify store (which is configured to calculate VAT based on customer location)
  • I fulfil the order using MCF from inventory in Amazon DE fulfilment centre

I add the transaction to the ‘Additional VAT Report’ to form part of the Germany VAT filing for that period. That’s it.

Recently I have been bombarded with several opinions that IOSS possibly needs to be involved somewhere in this setup but I cannot see a reason why it should. I’m not physically sending anything across the Channel (i.e. UK > EU) to trigger a VAT collection question for the customer.

Can anyone please help me banish these opinions and reassure me that my current process is indeed correct?


Your understanding is the same as mine. IOSS is not involved in your case at all.


Thanks Anssi, appreciate your comments.

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