Postage costs for private sellers


As a private seller Amazon sets my postage charges at £4.11 per item, if someone purchases 4 items that comes out at 4 x £4.11.

Is there any way of offering combined postage as a private seller ?


No,you need pro account.


You could always issue a partial refund to reflect the true postage cost if you wish


At some point I was advised ( on these boards) that refunds including partials had a negative effect on your metrics - that may have changed but would be worth checking if you are going to do it a lot.


I believe goodwill gestures such as a partial refund instigated by the seller have no affect on your metrics. A while back I had an order from a school for a DVD they wanted for the children at Christmas time. Feeling in a generous mood I messaged the buyer saying they can have the DVD for free and refunded all. It did not affect my metrics or show as an order defect.


U R missing the point …for example if a trade seller sells a similar item for £10.00 inc free postage, to compete i have to lower my item price to £5.89 + £4.11 postage to compete with them ,


It still boils down to the same old argument, if Amazon let us set our own postage charges we are the best people to accurately reflect real postage rates and can charge a fair price. Postage credits haven’t changed for years despite many increases by Royal Mail yet Amazon altered their own charges a while ago. You used to have to spend £10 to get free postage but now they’ve upped it to £20 so they’ve covered themselves but won’t help us.


the only option is for me only let buyers purchase one item at a time


That’s not what you said in your original post, you asked about offering combined postage now you’re talking about setting a different postage charge to the default postal charge…


sorry.this all came about when a customer bought 4 of one item, and postage costs were 4 x£4.11…I sent a message back explaining that my items were cheaper than others to allow for this but he still left poor comments bout “being ripped off by postage” and refused to respond to my last message. usual story.

Postage per item via 1st class signed for is £2.60

So now I only allow 1 purchase per item


guess what I should have done was to send the order for 4 items as 4 separate packages


Just register as Pro you only need to be selling 30 ish items monthly to make it worthwhile.
It would also make your listings more competitive & avoid that neg you received,people will always get upset when they see a postage label with £3.87 on but they have been charged £16 for shipping,they dont account for total price charged.
Another neg could take you over 1% ODR & get you suspended.


not worth the cost of a pro account, see too many problems on here 4 other sellers I think my solution of only selling 1 item at a time is a better solution as my most expensive item is £30.00ish


This is the reason I changed to free postage for most of my items as I had the same problem with a buyer who paid £2.80 thrice for three magazines he ordered. He was very abusive in his messages and left negative feedback that Amazon removed. You’re better off becoming a proseller and including the price into the item cost so you don’t fall into this trap.


Sounds good in theory but be prepared for a buyer to complain that you could have shipped all of the items together and made the postal charge less. Sometimes I’m afraid whatever you do on Amazon you can’t win as there will always be a buyer who wants to screw you over.


yeh and if they don’t Amazon will…Most of my sales are on Ebay in any case