Postage for Books 2.5 cm depth


Buying postage through Amazon how can I enter a decimal point, for example, the postage increases for small parcels over 2.5cm thick. I can only enter either 2 cm or 3 cm when I enter dimensions. How can I enter 2.3 cm or whatever?



You have to opt for 2 cm if you are sure the item is large letter size and will fit through the LL slot.


Yes, if it is definitely LL size, then I just put 2cm - I have a PIP Ruler (Pricing in Proportion) which has a letter slot, LL slot and size guides - absolutely invaluable tool along with my scales.


Thanks. That’s what I will do.


Odd. I am allowed to enter decimal points when buying postage through Amazon. Did it just now in fact with no issues.


I’m sure that I have done so in the past.


So Am I.
I’ve never had a problem with it and have printed off hundreds of labels in the recent past.

Having said that, the dimensions don’t actually display on the labels so not a big issue.