Power of Attorney


Hi There can anyone please help me with regards a power of Attorney Letter for me to be able to complete my ID requirements and for me to be able to sell. I have searched for a copy version but am unable to find one!
I Ma at my whit’s end trying for someone from customer services to contact me only receiving generic emails which are not helping.
Any help or advice would be gratefully received.


Have you just signed up? I’ve never heard of Amazon requiring a power of attorney letter. Why would you need one? If you’re a sole trader or LTD in your name then why would you need a power of attorney? maybe I just don’t understand. The only thing I can think of is the letter of authorisation?


Perhaps you can post of a copy of what you have been asked for, do not think this could be power of attorney, as if you needed this to be allowed to trade, then it would suggest that you are not authorised to control the account, so think something has been lost in translation.


Presuming you are a sole trader, they should have sent you a link to the template

It’s at the bottom (letter of authorisation - bad terminology from amazon)



Hi little shop sorry to hi jack post but you give some advice on this subject?


Did you send the letter in the link ?


Ok they have accepted my (legal representation )letter above the latest request for a ( letter of power of attorney ) now being requested but as far as I can see both template letters are exact ? Unless thier is another template for power of attorney ? :thinking::neutral_face:


Did you succeed in getting your POA accepted Timbest?


Is yours rejected ?


Same here. Power of attorney letter required even though i’m sole trader of the business. Weird. Don’t know how to proceed.


Did you use the template?