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I have being doing research on PPC campaigns for my new product launch. I wondered if anyone had an answer for my question:

I am in a very niche market and there are no other competitors who are trying to advertise on a particular popular keyword. Could I bid something like 1 penny per click and still make it onto the front page of amazon for that keyword? Because I am still the highest bidder even though I am only bidding 1 penny per click. Or in order to get on the first page do I need to bid a certain amount?

I hope this makes sense.



The minimum daily budget for a campaign is £1 and the minimum bid for a click is 2p so you can set it to that and your product should show up for that keyword


PPC is mostly about testing
finding the right bid is combination of CPC
amazon suggested bid
and bid range
you can start with lowest bid to see if you are getting the enough impressions and then work your way up to find the sweet spot

  • It’s important to stay within the budget so that the advertisement doesn’t stop displaying, thereby negatively affecting impressions, as well as organic and sponsored indexing.

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